Use Whatsapp Without a Phone Number

How To Use Whatsapp Without a Phone Number

Is it possible to use Whatsapp without a confirmation code, without number verification, without sim, therefore without phone number? In reality, to use Whatsapp you don’t need a phone number, the only thing you need is an internet connection and as you know, a wifi connection is fine too.

Use Whatsapp Without a Phone Number

The only time you need a phone number is the Whatsapp configuration phase. In today’s guide, we explain exactly what and how to download and use Whatsapp without a phone number, whether it’s an Android tablet or smartphone, or iPhone.


  • Your smartphone/tablet without a card on which you want to have Whatsapp;
  • A sim not connected to any Whatsapp account.
  • A second mobile phone.


WhatsApp Without Phone Number

  • On your device download Whatsapp from the marketplace
  • Start Whatsapp and when it asks you to enter a mobile number, enter that of the sim not connected to any account (remember to also enter the prefix +39); confirm by clicking on OK
  • Now insert the sim card in the second mobile and wait for the activation code to arrive
  • Then enter the activation code in the smartphone you are using without a sim and complete the activation of the service by entering your account name and your image.

At this point it’s done: you can start using Whatsapp, just an internet connection! However, if a message warns you that authentication was not successful, then tap on “Call me”. You will receive a phone call on your second phone (where the sim card is inserted), the code will be communicated to you by voice and you will finally be able to activate Whatsapp without problems. To use it it will not be necessary to keep the sim inserted, all you will need is an internet connection and it must clearly be of the wifi type considering that you will not keep the card in the device.

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