What is SPID

What is SPID and How to Get It?

Lately, for the management of bureaucratic procedures, the use of the SPID is increasingly frequent; if you have never heard of it or want to know more, find out what can be used to obtain a SPID. First of all, SPID is the acronym for Public System of Digital Identity, and is, therefore, a way of authenticating to all those portals and services offered by the Public Administration or other government bodies.

What is SPID

There are several providers that can release credentials for this system, and I will show you the best ones. But first I want to explain to you what the SPID is for and remember that to obtain it it is good to keep your documents and your main contacts (telephone number and email address) at hand.

SPID: what it is for and where you can access

I have already said that the SPID is used to identify you when you need to access certain services offered by the governing bodies; these are essentially credentials that you will have to use in the portals where this system will be required. But in particular, what can you do with the SPID?

For example, you can access all INPS services, or request the various bonuses that the government issues in particular situations, such as the Teacher Bonus; it is also possible to pay the car tax, register a rental contract or book a visit to the hospital, access the Health Record (subject to authorization by the attending physician) to see all their health data, with even backdated examinations.

The main services are listed on the Government website, some of which are also present on specific sites in the region and municipality to which they belong, the main sectors that can be accessed are:

  • Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry, and Food Products: Financing, sending and requesting documents, reservations, online surveys…;
  • Environment: construction sectors, INAIL, Citizen’s Portals, data consultation…;
    Economy and Finance: Registry, Electronic Invoicing, Financing, INAIL Services, INPS Services, taxes, and duties.
  • Energy: Surveys, data control, and consultation.
    Justice, Legal System, and Public Safety: Utility, Survey, control, and consultation of data.
  • Government and public sector: Registry, Registration to services, Citizen’s portals, All categories for Government and public sector.

SPIDEducation, Culture, and Sport: Subscription to services, access to Audio, Video and Multimedia Services (MULT), School and University Services.

  • Population and society: Registry, Social and Community Services, Certification and Self-certification Services.
  • Health: Electronic Health Record, Health Services.
  • Science and Technology
  • Transportation

In short, for everyday life, SPID today turns out to be a decidedly advantageous system, and that is why you should request it too.

How to get SPID for free

To obtain the SPID you must contact some providers, which may be more or less known and have different costs.
In general, all suppliers also offer free plans to citizens, while in the case of companies you will almost always have to face costs, which obviously vary depending on the provider itself.
Let’s see who to contact to get the SPID for free:

Get SPID with TIM

  • Even TIM allows the release of the SPID, through a service that, for individuals, will be free for all Italian citizens at least for the first two years.
  • In this case, you must go to the TIM id page, select the offer that interests you for the SPID request, and then fill in all the required data; during the procedure, you will also have to select a recognition method (such as entering the data of the electronic identity card or recording a short clip), and you will also have to register for the TIM Business service (if you have not already done I know).
  • Once you have also entered the credentials of your TIM Business account, the SPID request will be completed and you should be able to access the services that require it.

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