How to Set up a Chromebook for Your Child?

If you have school-age children, you probably know Chromebooks, the personal computers that use Google’s Chrome OS as their operating system. For reasons that are irrelevant, they have been done with the favor of schools and institutes, so sooner or later you will have to learn to handle it.

set up a Chromebook for your child

Chrome OS is similar in appearance and functions to any other operating system, such as Windows. In addition, it integrates services and products of the company and its interface is reminiscent of the Google Chrome web browser, with which many of us are familiar.

Here’s a look at all the options you’ll need to consider when setting up a Chromebook for your child. Whether you are using it for education or leisure time. We also explain how to configure it, easily and quickly, with the help of the parental control that Qustodio offers to Movistar customers.

An account for your child on Chromebook

Like all Google products and services, to use a Chromebook you will need a Google account. The same that you use in Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and others. An account will also be required for your child or dependent.

If your child already has the account created, no problem. You will only have to log in to the Chromebook. If not, you can create it yourself. The account is free and can be created from any device with Internet access.

What’s more, when you turn on the Chromebook you can create the account from there. Google says that the process will take a maximum of 15 minutes. For minors, you may need to log in with your account. Then you will have to give parental consent and select the settings for your child. The exception is that your child’s school has previously set up an account that manages student accounts.

How Chromebook Works for Your Child

Google differentiates between adult accounts that children or minors will use. Although both have access to practically the same services and functions, there are certain differences.

When browsing the Internet, children cannot use private browsing. For your part, you can manage the available websites and block violent or sexually explicit websites.

Chromebook Settings for Parents

If your child is 13 or older, you can add supervision functions from the Chromebook itself. From there you can also manage the parental control of the Google account of your child under 13 years old. Specifically, you will have to go to Settings> Users> Parental Control> Configure. For Google accounts over 13 years old, your child will have to give their consent during the process.

Set up a Chromebook, step by step

The most important aspects to consider when setting up a Chromebook for your child have to do with Google Play, the app store, the websites available in Google Chrome, and Google search filters.

First, Google Play. From any device or browser, you can access the app store, log in with your account, and go to Family> Family Group. There you can add your child’s account and configure the limits or options. There are four options, from more control to less control.

If you choose All content, you will need to approve any apps or games that your child wants to install on their Chromebook. The opposite option is Do not to request approval.

Second, Google Chrome. To block certain websites, Google forces you to install the Family Link app. From there, you must add your child’s profile. Within it, from Settings> Manage settings> Google Chrome filters you can decide if you want to allow all websites, block adult websites or block all websites except the ones you decide.

Third, Google. When you turn on supervision for your child with Family Link, Safe Google Search kicks in, blocking adult content.

Qustodio for Chromebook

Now you know how to set up a Chromebook for your child, preventing them from installing unwanted apps or games, accessing unsavory websites, or searching Google for the wrong things. But there is much more you can configure on your Chromebook so that your child can use it safely.

Chromebooks for Kids

To make this possible, Movistar offers all its clients the possibility of using Qustodio, a parental control service compatible with all your devices, including Chromebook computers. Specifically, Movistar gives you access to Qustodio Premium, the paid version, and more complete, of this complete parental control service. You can try it for a month and then continue using it at a price of 3.5 euros per month. You can protect up to 5 devices at the same time.

Qustodio for Chromebook will inform you about the installed and open applications, the use made of the Chromebook, and the websites visited. Second, it lets you block age-appropriate websites and apps. And finally, you can limit the time your children spend with the Chromebook.

To install Qustodio on the Chromebook, you will first need to go to Google Play and install the official application. The second step is to open the application, login with yo

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