Why are you referring to yourselves as a demonstration, not a protest? What’s the difference?

We strongly believe in the power of language. For us, a protest implies anger, unrest, and fighting against something. We consider ourselves a demonstration because we’d like to instead be seen as a show of inclusivity, unity, and love. There are too many places that are hateful, angry, and violent. Bridge Together Golden Gate will not be one of them. We are not marching, we are not impeding traffic, and we are not causing disruption.

What’s the deal with the purple?

Purple is a combination of red and blue. We will make a simple statement of shedding the false dichotomy of Red vs. Blue. Purple is a nationally recognized color symbolizing anti-bullying efforts. For these reasons, we are urging everyone to wear purple to this event as a beautiful illustration of togetherness.

How can I volunteer?

Register on the Eventbrite page as a volunteer. [Hint scroll to the bottom of the Register menu.] Then send an email to satori@satoriteller with Bridge Together Golden Gate in the Subject Heading and tell us about your interest and skills. We are building a strong network of volunteers for this event.

What should I bring?

A Purple scarf, piece of fabric, or a piece of purple clothing. Depending on the weather and your specific needs you should bring only the items you need to be safe and comfortable for the day.

Where can I park?

Parking at the Bridge is extremely limited. Please do not expect to drive to and park anywhere near the bridge on January 20th. There will be no special permitted parking for the attendees. We are encouraging all of our attendees to use public transportation and ride-sharing services.

Will there be shuttles?

The organizers are working with the various public transit agencies (SFMTA, GG Transit, etc.) that provide service to the Golden Gate Bridge to add capacity and specific routes to serve us on January 20th. Independent shuttles may be arranged by attendees. There will be no official Bridge Together shuttles for attendees.

Will food be provided?

No. Plan ahead for your day at the Bridge and bring items that you will need to stay hydrated and fed.

I can’t come, is there another way I can participate?

Yes, register as Volunteer (see above) and as we publish action items you can participate in supporting this action.

What are donations going toward?

Public Health and Safety requirements that the various permitting authorities have required the organizers to provide on January 20th. Bathrooms, Communications equipment, Life Safety Vehicles, and personnel. All excess donations will be directed equally to Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood, and The Trevor Project.

Why do I have to register?

We are using Eventbrite registration as a communication tool. By registering your participation and providing us with your contact information we can more easily communicate information and set expectations for January 20th.

I definitely want to be on the bridge itself, how can I ensure I get a spot?

Register as a “Bridger” on the Eventbrite page. Be at the Bridge on time (9 AM)

What about the bridge’s weight capacity?

The Bridge District has granted us an Expressive Activity permit for 3000 attendees on the Eastern Pedestrian Walkway of the Bridge. The Bridge will be well below its capacity while we are demonstrating.

I have a disability affecting my mobility, will I be able to participate?

Yes the organizers are working with the permitting agencies to add ADA parking capacity and taking every consideration to support our attendees who are mobility challenged.

Is there anything I shouldn’t bring?

Use common sense. Bring what you need to stay safe and comfortable. You will not be allowed to bring banners, signs, large physical items onto the Bridge. Do not bring a large backpack, bag, or cooler to the Bridge. Any member of the public is not allowed to bring a number of items onto the Bridge, here are some of them.

  • Electric bikes or small scooters may NOT be ridden across the sidewalk in the power-on mode. They are allowed to be pushed or ridden across the sidewalk in the power-off mode only.
  • Persons on roller blades, skateboards, or roller skates are NOT allowed.
  • Animals, including dogs and horses, which are being led, ridden, or driven, with the exception of service animals, such as guide dogs, signal dogs, and service dogs, are NOT allowed.
  • Pushcarts, wheelbarrows, and similar vehicles are NOT allowed.

I’m coming from out of town; what will the weather be like?

We are experiencing an active weather winter here in Northern California. Be prepared for cold and rainy conditions. As we get closer to January 20th check the weather to determine your specific plan for the conditions.

Will there be public transportation?

Yes, our commitment is to use the public transit systems that are in place to serve the Bridge. We are working with the agencies to add capacity on January 20th.

What if it rains? (ponchos, not umbrella)

This demonstration is not weather-dependent. We will be there rain or shine on January 20th. If it rains bring a poncho or wet weather gear do not bring an umbrella as it will not be allowed on the bridge (it will get blown away if it is windy).

What should I wear?

Purple is our color of Unity. Wear something purple that people will see. Above all wear comfortable clothing that you can walk in.

Emergency plan?

The public safety officers at the Golden Gate Bridge are world-class. If there is a large-scale emergency they will communicate using the public address system. Follow their instructions at all times. If you see something, say something. As an attendee, you are committed to being a Unified and showing the positive power of people working together. If you see something that is unsafe or dangerous, talk to other attendees around you about it. Identify the nearest Bridge Together Volunteer or Public Safety officer and tell them about your concern. The volunteers will be in contact with public safety officials.