How To Change Default Apps On Mac

Mac native apps not working the way they should? That’s how easy you can to change or choose a default program or application to open files in macOS. If something characterizes Apple through macOS, it is its incredible performance, offering different tools for every need. Luckily, native applications for Mac computers are very complete and versatile for what an average user may need.

Change Default Apps On Mac

Even so, it is possible that for others they are not entirely practical or simply because they are familiar with a specific tool for viewing files, images, documents, and more. If you are one of the latter, you will know that it is tedious having to go through a whole process to open a file with your favorite program instead of simply double-clicking and that’s it. Therefore, today we want to tell you a very simple way so that you no longer have to go through all this work.

So you can choose the default app to open a file in macOS

The first thing you should be clear about is that if what you want is to open a certain file in a timely manner with an app, you will not need to change the default application, you just have to “right click> open with” and select the one you need.

If, on the other hand, you really need a specific file type, for example, AVI or MP4 videos, the normal thing is that they are reproduced with Quicktime but in your case, you prefer that they be reproduced with VLC, then you should do the following:

  • Select the file you want to open.
  • Next, right-click on the file in question and go to the “Get information” option.
  • Now, touch the “>” symbol located on the left side of “Open with” so that a window with detailed information is displayed.
    At this point, you will have to touch the drop-down menu and choose “Another app”, then:
  • In the selector, choose “All apps” instead of “Recommended apps.”
  • Select the app you want and click “Add”.
  • Finally, click on “Change all” so that it applies to all files with this format.
  • Finally, click on “Continue” and the changes made will be saved.

How to change the default web browser in macOS

We know that Safari is Apple’s default browser on all of their devices, but you may feel more comfortable using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or more secure iOS web browsers than Safari.

Apps On Mac

Fortunately, it is possible to change the default browser and it does not require more than a few very simple steps to do so. So if you want to change, you just have to:

  • Go to “System Preferences> General”.
  • Scroll down in the floating window to the “Default web browser” option and click there to bring up a menu.
  • Now, just choose the web browser you want instead of Safari and you’re done.
  • Finally, close the window and the changes will be applied. From now on, every time you click on a link, it will open in your chosen web browser and not Apple’s default one.

How to choose the default mail application in macOS

Another of the most requested changes by many macOS users over time has undoubtedly been the possibility of modifying Apple’s native email application.

Although the default option is very good and complete, in addition to the fact that recent versions offer a lot of new features and incredible features, it turns out that for many it may not be enough when it comes to managing their email account. In any case, if you still intend to change it and choose a new one, we will tell you to step by step what you should do:

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